I recently had an epiphany – nature is healing and restorative. This recently found insight is, as best I can tell, a culmination of numerous realizations which include:

  • The population continues to grow. It is becoming more crowded.
  • Our “outside,” which is a limited resource, is dwindling.
  • If we don’t care and take action, our “outside” will disappear.
  • At the same time, “electronics” are impacting all of us – adults and children, and we are spending more time inside.

These realities are not only concerning, but also problematic.

  • Oddly enough, walking my dog, Lucy, outside has enormous health benefits.
  • I always feel better after I’ve spent a modest amount of time outside.
  • I need to get outside more. In fact, we all need to get outside more – it’s healing and restorative.

This led to RxOutside.Org which exists:

Mission:         To inspire children and adults to get outside and enjoy nature

Vision:           To improve health and wellness in children and adults